Week 29: Preparation, planning, the dentist and more hiking in the woods.

IMG_1463   IMG_1466

Today I am 29 weeks and three days pregnant with my second set of twins. I am working to prepare as many things ahead of time as I can. This week the boys helped me make four pans of butternut squash lasagna and four quiches. Apple chip production is going on daily.

Cameron especially enjoys cooking. William shows interest when we first start cooking but quickly moves back to playing with his recycle trucks.

IMG_1657_2  IMG_1675_2

We had our first visit to the dentist today. The boys did a great job and had no fear about having their mouth looked at. The dental hygienist made it great fun but letting the boys play with all the instruments. We made an appointment for their first cleaning next April.

IMG_1568  IMG_1559  IMG_1552

We are continuing our weekly nature hikes. The boys really love to explore the “woods”. Although our nature hikes in the forest are very tame, I really try to let them explore as much as possible. They both seem totally at ease in the forest, maybe they will be naturalists.

Today I had my glucose tolerance test, where I had to drink 13 ounces of apple juice, in exchange for the glucose drink. The apple juice had 60 grams of sugar in the 13 ounces. After drinking the apple juice, I felt a little nauseous and I had a headache. It has been a long time since I had 60 grams of sugar in a whole day, let alone within 5 minutes. It made me think about how awful it must feel to consume that amount of sugar daily. Also, can you imagine giving your child that amount of sugar in the form of “healthy juice”.

I am looking forward to next visit where I get to see the girls.


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