All About Rectus Diastasis – Annie’s Story.

sue croft physiotherapist blog

Today I am going to take you on a journey- a patient called Annie’s (*) journey. One with sublime highs and some horrible lows, but I can tell you now, it has a happy ending. Annie is 41, has quite a small frame and has always been slim and fit. Annie has collagen issues. She had her first baby vaginally and not only had a five finger separation of her abdominal muscles post-natally – called a Rectus Diastasis –  but also suffered a significant uterine prolapse. Rectus Diastasis is the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles that can occur during pregnancy, causing a bulge to occur when the pregnant woman attempts to move, especially visible when going from lying to sitting. It is quite common in pregnancy and is more prevalent in those women with the poorer type of collagen; in twin pregnancy; often with those women who over-exercise particularly doing sit-ups and will occur in subsequent pregnancies if it has occurred before.


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