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Tonight as I danced with my boys to music blasting from our clock radio in the bedroom, I though how thankful I am. Of course I am grateful for my beautiful family but I am also grateful for my perspectives.

The boys have taught me to slow down and appreciate the “now”. Instead of worry g about the list of to dos…I am able to stop and go outside for a movement break outside after dinner. Why not run up and down the sidewalk on the coldest day of the year?

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Or, take a minute to let my little one climb a snow pile in a parking lot. Does it matter so much that we are in a hurry?


In my last blog, I expressed the struggles I was having with maintaining a sense of humor and appreciating the little things. I still have those moments, but I realize now that hey are only moments. It’s only a temporary state of mind, most often brought on by extreme fatigue.

The joy and wonder of children is a gift that I am able to experience in a unique way. There are times when it is difficult but now I see that these are only moments.

My next blog is all about movement!

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