11 weeks: Checkups, snow and movement

Movement training has progressed this month to include some light plomeyric and more metabolically demanding movements. My body is eager to explore more complex patterns with greater ranges of motion but I don’t have the tissue tolerance required. My diastasis has improved to a consistent 2-3 finger with and the depth is minimal. A lot of my movement training focuses on undoing the effects of sitting for 8+ hours per day nursing the girls. I have many movement tools available to organize my training sessions. I must admit that the only bodywork I am getting is with bimonthly massage and physical therapy. I have lost my diligence with foam roll and trigger point ball work. Time is too precious and I choose full body loading to achieve the following: stress reduction, tissue deformation through loading, strengthening connective tissue and improved coordination of movement. It feels good to begin moving in a more athletic way again. Sometimes too good and I have to remind myself to respect my stage of healing and progress intelligently. My ‘cardio’ work come in the form of low impact old school aerobic DVDs along with some mini trampoline work. I also walk the girls on as many hills as I can find. Next, I combine four groups of three movements into a circuit and perform each circuit three times. Each group includes a bodyweight pattern focused on mobility, a loaded linear pattern focused on strength and a loaded movement pattern focused on transferring load through space. It is fun and challenging to create these workouts based on my life needs.

There have been times that vanity is sneaking back in when I look in my closet for something to wear. With spring just around the corner, I am eager to recover my shape. Fortunately my mind can return, with some coercion, to the big picture and recognize the importance of respecting the process. I remind myself that right now my body is focusing on producing nourishment for two infants. I believe that every woman goes through the same thought process. It is just a matter of what we do with the thoughts.

image image

Time is ticking by. The girls are now 11 weeks old. Our time in the NICU and first days at home seems like another lifetime. The girls have doubled their weight and are out of their newborn clothes.  They have the beautiful little rolls of fat on their arms and legs. They are typically only fussy at the last two feedings right before going down for the night and sleep for one long six hour stretch which is divine. The boys can’t get enough love from their sisters and are fantastic big brothers

image image


image  image  image

After a long late winter, it finally feels like spring is here! My seeds have arrived for my beautiful new garden.i hope to get them planted in the next two weeks. The boys training has paid off and we are now riding the 2 1/2 mile loop around the neighborhood three to four days per week. Hearing them run and play outside in the bright warm sun is fantastic!

image  image

The boys finally went in for their four year check up. It was adorable. They had not been to the doctor’s office in ove a year so they were a bit timid. They took their blood pressure, tested hearing and vision. They were suppose to get a full round of vaccines this visit but I decided to hold them off until next year because they are not going to kindergarten next year.


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