The wonder of a whole chicken

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I have four children who I have chosen to feed the highest quality, most nourishing food I can source. That requires some creative thinking and a lot of planning. It also requires a lot of kitchen time and discipline when it comes to the children eating their meals. So, for this blog post, I decided to share my meal planning for the last two weeks.

I write out my menu for two weeks on a chalk board that sits on my countertop in the kitchen. When I plan a menu, I always check the calendar for appointments and errands that will take away from kitchen time. Each meal must last at least two nights and sometimes three. I rotate protein sources and diversify the vegetables.

Sunday and Monday: Banana pancakes and ham steak

Tuesday and Wednesday: Baked lemon garlic chicken drumsticks*, acorn squash puree, baked beans (frozen from the girl’s first bday party), green beans and mushrooms

Thursday and Friday: Tuna salad sandwich with baked seed bread

Saturday and Sunday: Whole chicken with redskin potatoes, green salad, green peas, multicolored carrots and mushrooms

Monday and Tuesday: Seafood stir fry with turnips, multicolored carrots, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, bell pepper and rice

Wednesday and Thursday: Salmon salad with pumpkin tomato soup

Friday and Saturday: Pizza with two different crusts (plantain and coconut flour) with sausage, mushrooms, bell pepper, spinach and olives

Sunday and Monday: Chip Steak with kale salad, roasted sweet potatoes and marinated beets.

The beauty of this menu is that some dinners serve many purposes. For example, I saved the baked chicken drumstick bones for my broth that cooked the rice for the seafood stir fry and the base for the pumpkin tomato soup. The meal with the whole chicken was wonderful! I cooked the chicken and potatoes in the crockpot. Costco’s whole organic chicken comes with the neck and all of the organs! Yay! I saved the neck for broth and the organs for the girls finger food. The chicken made 1 1/2 quarts of perfectly jellied broth. I smashed the potatoes (enriched with the broth) for mashed potatoes. I cooked the carrots and green peas in the broth for added bonus. After straining the veggies, I had one quart of broth left for the kids sippy cups.

I will continue to share more tips and tricks with meal planning and running a whole food household with two sets of twins. Until then, this lady is off to feed my girls and lay them down for a nap. Then it’s time for a quick workout and dinner prep.




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