Family trip to the mountains: what are we eating?

We are on our way…TO THE MOUNTAINS!!! Somehow we managed to fit everything in the van. Here is the final food list:

Mustard, Katchup, Probiotic pickles and carrot sticks
Home brewed kombucha
2 bottles of coconut water
Raw milk cottage cheese, colby, cheddar and yogurt
Homemade cashew/pecan butter
Raw honey, maple syrup
Grass Fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil
Apple cider, balsamic and rice wine vinegar
Salt, Herbamare seasoning

4 loaves buckwheat bread
1 dozen buckwheat muffins
1 dozen banana chia muffins
2 dozen Jackie’s pancakes
2 dozen sorghum pancakes

Watermelon, cantaloupe, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit and bananas
Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, green beans, brussles sprouts, mixed greens, avocado, olives and corn
Soaked and cooked kidney beans and chick peas
Orange sweet and Japanese white sweet potatoes and russet potatoes (For baked fries)

Just for the girls:
3 bags of frozen breast milk
2 quarts roast butternut squash
1 quart purreed asparagus
1 quart pureed spinach
1 quart soaked and sprouted cooked lentils
3 Keta Salmon fillets (from Costco, I will broil it there)
1 can organic pumpkin
1 quart soaked Gluten Free Rolled Oats (Bob’s Red Mill from Thrive Market)

2 raw dozen eggs
10 hard boiled eggs
3 pounds whole cut chicken
2 pounds grass fed ground beef
1 pound pastured pork bratwurst
2 pounds pastured smoked ham steak
1/2 pound pastured bacon
1 pound pastured pork sausage
4 cans sardines
3 cans whole oysters

1 whole turkey breast (Last week, Whole Foods had them on sale for Easter. I was Super Excited to find this!! The breast was $3.99 per pound, hormone and antibiotic free with no fillers. Much better than Applegate’s boiled ham at $4.99 for 8 ounces. I roasted it last night to slice for sandwiches.)

Snack Foods (homemade)
10 Strawberry granola
10 Almond butter/chocolate “cliff” bars
12 Rice flour chocolate chip cookies
12 Chickpea flour raisin cookies
12 Seed and fruit chocolate chip cookies
1 Quart cashews
1 Quart pistacios
12 Dried dates, figs and apricots
US Wellness Meats snack stick ends (These are a healthy grass fed version of a slim jim)
Oh my gosh! Looking at my list…this is a crazy amount of food! Truth, I am totally dreading unpacking! It is worth it because not only will we feel well on our vacation, but more importantly we will fell well when we return home. Sure, it’s a lot of planning and organization but I would not have it any other way.

Okay, now the strategy on how to use the food. Because we will not actually eat all of it. The goal is to have more than enough so we don’t have to stop or get stuck where we need to buy something poor quality.

Boys: eggs or pancakes and meat protein and fresh fruit
Girls: same as the boys with veggies
Me: I LOVE sardines and oysters…I could eat them every day, no problem! Salad, veggies and sardines or oysters.

Kevin: turkey and cheese or nut butter and honey sandwich on buckwheat bread
Boys: Turkey and cheese sandwich on buckwheat bread with raw milk yogurt and fresh fruit/veggies
Girls: Lentils/oatmeal and veggies

All of us! 🙂
Monday: Grilled chicken, veggies, sweet potato fries or beans and green salad
Tuesday: Grilled bratwurst, russet potato fries or beans, veggies and green salad
Wednesday: Grilled hamburgers, sweet potato fries, veggies and green salad

The snacks and left overs will fill in the gaps. If we have left overs from dinner, I will use it to beef up the morning eggs and save the sausage. We are planning to do a lot of hiking, canoeing and loaded movement training! So, the portable snacks like bars, nuts and fruit will be perfect for the boys.

The girls are still nursing 5 times per day. They are too big for my giant nursing pillow. Now they just crawl over to me and stand in front of me and nurse. It’s hilarious, kind of like a mother cow. 🙂 It’s almost ridiculous enough for a picture. But, I will save that for another blog.

I will let everyone know how it goes!!


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