Life is moving fast in our house. In the time since we returned from the mountains, both girls have found their legs. Madelyn is on the move! She struts around the house like a little peacock. We are exploring different surfaces and challenging her balance threshold. Annabelle is off to a little slower start but she is not far behind. Their little personalities are really starting to shine. Having two loving and energetic big brothers has made them tough little girls. They are playing just as hard as their brothers. It is a joy to watch. There are times that it is very overwhelming. The house is LOUD! At the park, all attention must be on! One baby may be eating a gum ball while one of the boys has ventured out of eyeshot to the other side of the park, while the other baby is roaming dangerously close to the bouncing horse springs. It’s awesome and demands that I fully run on all cylinders! If I did not make my health (nutrition, movement and sleep) a top priority, there is no way I could do it day after day. I also am very lucky to have a Mom that helps me out A LOT and some pretty great in laws too.

The boys have been assigned to an elementary school and will be graduating preschool at the end of May. I am excited for them, it will be a great adventure. We are planning to separate them, much to their dismay! All “experts” and twin parents have said it is for the best. We will see!!


Watching a baby transition into a toddler is a very cool thing. Everything is new as so awesome. It is so interesting to watch the girls cautiously step on new surfaces and fully investigate their surroundings and then take off. They are so creative in their attempts to access certain drawers and cabinets. One of the prime spots is the trash cabinet and spice rack inside the lazy susan. Let me tell you, they are defiantly persistent!!

Twins pose many unique challenges that a single baby does not. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that I avoid certain activities because it is not safely doable with one adult. But, I have found creative strategies to not only retrieve more than one baby from a potentially dangerous situation but also to participate in as much as we can. It’s difficult to describe these moments in the written word, but I have some funny ones that I will save for another blog post.

I am so grateful everyday for the four beautiful and crazy littles that I have. Life is VERY difficult sometimes, but those times are few. There is nothing more awesome than watching them love each other and hearing Annebelle call out to her brother, William!!


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