Track out: week two


So far this week I have used the following phrases:

Annabelle, “Stop drinking the dish soap.”

Maddy, “Don’t eat the saran wrap.”

William, “Please do not color on your shirt, the wall, the table or anything other than paper.”

Cameron, “NO!” This is the response to many questions…including, Mommy can I have the code to get open the lock to get in under the house?


We have shared many adventures, in fact, every day is an adventure! Really, I mean that! I am so grateful for my health and function! If I did not nourish myself with movement and quality nutrition everyday, I could not handle it! Everyday starts with either or swim or ViPR training session including a run or cycling. Every morning, no excuses. Usually Cameron appears in the garage around 5:15 with a big smile ready to start his day.


Then we are off to a bike ride. One of the most beautiful things for me is seeing my kids enjoy movement and knowing that I am feeding them all of the raw materials to fuel strong connective tissue.

The kids love to create and help in the kitchen, especially Annabelle. We have created some fun new recipes and enjoyed lots of nourishing treats and meals together.

The girls love to be outside and are determined to do everything their brothers do.


One of my strengths is determination and one of my weaknesses is determination. That is, when I set my mind out to do something I truly commit 100% to it and give it my all. I want so many things for my kids and I want to be this great Mom. It is easy to miss some of the little things that REALLY matter most with all of the work that goes into achieving those goals.

So, there are days when I have a list of 30 things, but I have done what is really hard for me and put them aside. Wow, those have turned into the BEST days!! Simple things, like collecting acorns in the neighborhood and turning them into a story at home.

Or, letting the girls open every drawer in the kitchen and explore what’s inside, organizing the sandwich bags and eating coconut chips in the living room.

Next up, I want to share our track out menus! And, coming soon, the boy’s real food Birthday Party!



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