Lunchtime for kids: Pack in the nutrients


A while back, I wrote the post, EVERY BITE COUNTS: veggie pasta sauce and a sardine sandwich on seed bread with sautéed veggies where I discussed my view of feeding children. I look at everything I give them as an opportunity to build their bodies.

The first three years of a child’s life are critical as over 100 trillion neuronal connections are forming  in the brain that establish lifelong behavioral patterns (Segersten & Malterre, 2016, p. 21). 

I find that truly fascinating! The amazing part in all of this as a mom, is we have the ability to play a pivotal roll in helping steer these outcomes. Your child’s preferences are also strongly affected by their environment–family and home life. Your kids are always watching. The first three years is a period of imitation. If they see you consistently feeding yourself healthy food, they are ore likely to make similar choices.

Do not get discouraged if you are starting this journey with an older child! You can powerfully impact your child’s health by changing yours and your family’s way of eating.


  • Have your kids help you in the kitchen: Find a time when you have extra time and give them jobs. Use a dinner or plastic knife to cut soft fruit. Teach them how to use a peeler. Or, stir something. 🙂
  • Build a small raised bed or container garden: Make a really big deal out of using the garden for meals. Let them pick their own food.
  • Take them grocery shopping: This is a HUGE opportunity for them to see that we don’t live in a bubble. There are lots of choices that we need to make every day. We choose to fill our bodies with healthy foods and leave the rest behind.
  • Take them to the farmer’s market: If you have a local farmer’s market this is an exciting way to expose kids to tons of fresh produce. Befriend the farmers, let your kids see that where we get our food is important to you.
  • Say YES to homemade treats: We defiantly have some great homemade treats. Often, one a day. Here is one of our favorites, Beet root, Plantain and Sweet Potato Brownies with Carob and Pumpkin Flour (Grain free and Vegan). Homemade  treats fit very nicely into a nutrient dense real food diet.
  • Be the role model: Show them your healthy choices every day. Tell them how it makes your body feel. Show them that you are choosing this way of eating because it is fabulous and delicious. 🙂 (By the way, “fabulous” is my favorite word.)

I have many more tips and tricks….which you will find access to very soon!

Packing healthy lunches for school can be a real challenge! It takes time, planning and an efficient system. Follow these links to some of my favorite posts on school lunches:
First Grade Fajita Lunch box: Grain free

First Grade Real Food Lunchbox

Organization is also key! Here is a link to my system for packing healthy lunches: Lunch menu and “How To” guide


Sourcing ingredients can also be a challenge. Fortunately there are some amazing resources available for cost efficient healthy ingredients. One of my favorite is:

THRIVE MARKET use THIS LINK  for an additional 20% off your first 3 orders!! AWESOME!!



I hope you find this post and others helpful. My mission is to share my experiences with you! The health benefits to you and your family are far reaching. Please feel free to contact me at!

From our family to yours…we wish you a happy healthy day!

Segersten, A & Malteser, T (2016). Nourishing Meals. New York, NY: Harmony Books.


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