Staying connected to your pelvic floor

I looked at both pregnancies as 9 months of training for the most athletic event of my life. ¬†Exercise and proper daily movement inputs are massively important to functioning well during pregnancy and after. This is not the time to start training for a marathon. It is the time when you need to move consistently, … Continue reading Staying connected to your pelvic floor


Navigating the wiggly toddler

All of you awesome moms of toddlers out there know that our day is spent reaching down and forward. Often times we are chasing after a little one. You reach them just in time for them to make themselves into a dead weight or quickly change direction. Motherhood is the ultimate agility challenge! Creating resiliency … Continue reading Navigating the wiggly toddler

I have a diastasis and it’s OK!

I have had two sets of twins. My first set was born via C-Section and my second set was a vaginal delivery. With both sets I had a very large diastasis following the birth of the babies. After my first set, I did not have my diastasis assessed until the boys were almost three years … Continue reading I have a diastasis and it’s OK!

Being a mom…real food, lots of movement and my journey!

As a mom of two sets of twins...I know there is nothing more stressful than having something wrong with one of my babies. I have been so blessed with four healthy kids and I am truly grateful!! I blogged about my pregnancy with the girls and the new experiences I had with my second twin … Continue reading Being a mom…real food, lots of movement and my journey!

ViPR Personal Trainer Certification

August 16, 2014 I am in Atlanta, GA to attend the ViPR Personal Trainer certification. I woke up at 5am ready to go. First, I performed a lovely movement matrix with my Pelvicore ball. It felt great to get my blood flowing and breath moving before an exciting day of learning. After a cup of … Continue reading ViPR Personal Trainer Certification