Twin Mom Tips and Solutions

  Today is the last day of another year, that I can proudly say I am not just surviving but thriving as a mom of two sets of twins. Wow, there have been some VERY challenging times in 2017. Big emotions, tons of energy, some "confusion" about the what not to do inside the house, … Continue reading Twin Mom Tips and Solutions


Wine or Run?

The magic of Christmas is amazing and beautiful. The energy behind the kids' imaginations is at times unmanageable and unnerving. When I am able to be an active participant in the energy and problem! When I have to step into my mom shoes and manage the house, prepare dinner, pick up, give baths, take … Continue reading Wine or Run?

Prenatal Gut Health–Part Two

In Part One of this series, we learned about how making simple diet and lifestyle changes can positively affect moms health and the health of her baby. In part two of this series, I would like to offer some recipes and strategies specific to incorporating nourishing foods. If you are new to this approach to … Continue reading Prenatal Gut Health–Part Two

Prenatal Gut Health–Part One

This week I have been reflecting back on my pregnancy journey with the girls. I reread my post, Week 31: Premature labor scare! and all of the old feelings of fear and uncertainty came back to me again. My biggest goal during my pregnancy was taking great care of my gut. I started writing these posts when … Continue reading Prenatal Gut Health–Part One

Annabelle and Maddy’s trip to the ER!

A couple posts back I mentioned that I though I was really getting the hang of parenting? Yes, I believe it was in this post, Thankful! Well....I believe I jinxed myself. This week, I thought I lost Annabelle and I spent a couple of hours in the ER with Madelyn. I found myself talking to myself, … Continue reading Annabelle and Maddy’s trip to the ER!

Training for the postpartum demands

Exercise while pregnant should be encouraged to all. The major event of delivery, followed by the marathon that occurs in the postpartum period must be trained for. Consider both the mental and physical strength required for mom. The demands change over the first year, getting increasingly intense. Every mom has a strategy for managing these … Continue reading Training for the postpartum demands

Postpartum: Take control of your health through movement and nutrition.

This weekend I had the amazing privilege of attending a women's health conference, called Female Chain Reaction. It was taught by my friend, Tina Christie PT, CCE, FAFS, FMR, creator of The Pelvicore ball and founder of Pelvic Solutions. I feel so honored to be a part of the movement towards true solutions for women's health. … Continue reading Postpartum: Take control of your health through movement and nutrition.

Real Food Kids!! Keep on Trying!

  Keep on trying is our message to you! Honestly, there are days when I don't think I can do one more dish or stand in the kitchen for one more second. There are many moments of true chaos. Moments where I don't even want to think about cooking or washing dishes. But those moments … Continue reading Real Food Kids!! Keep on Trying!