Seed Crust Pizza

We are back from vacation at the beach! We had a great time with lots of sand and sun! The kids had a blast in the ocean! We left early this morning with the goal of getting the girls back in time for an afternoon nap. Two days without a nap for two year olds … Continue reading Seed Crust Pizza


An event-filled weekend and a recipe boost

This Saturday, the girls and I went shopping...that was fun! Somehow the cart is just wide enough to fit between the racks of clothing. The girls have an amazing reach and cat like reflexes to grab and pull down anything within their grasp! Once we arrived at the checkout, my cart was full unwanted items. … Continue reading An event-filled weekend and a recipe boost

Tips for Whole Food Kids

In my last post I talked about the importance of sticking to a real food template despite bumps in the road. Those bumps could come from pressure from other parents. Your child's changing preferences. Confusion or overwhelming information from the media, claiming new and better health trends. Being a Mom is an amazing job but also can be … Continue reading Tips for Whole Food Kids