Seed Crust Pizza (Grain and nut free)

We are back from vacation at the beach! We had a great time with lots of sand and sun! The kids had a blast in the ocean! We left early this morning with the goal of getting the girls back in time for an afternoon nap. Two days without a nap for two year olds … Continue reading Seed Crust Pizza (Grain and nut free)


Kids and food battles: Stay the course

I think one of the most difficult things about meal planning for kids is the fear that they won't like the meal. Food is expensive, time to plan and prepare it is expensive! What happens if they won't eat it? The girls are almost two and a half and they have moments of food protests. … Continue reading Kids and food battles: Stay the course

Organ Meat Meatballs and Sauce

Oh good! You are reading this post...that means that the title did not scare you away! I asked Cameron what he thought about the fact that there was organ meat in the meatballs. He said, "So. It's just another part of the cow, right?" When I mention organ meat to some adults, the typical reaction … Continue reading Organ Meat Meatballs and Sauce