Carrot and Pumpkin Muffins with Pumpkin Flour (grain free)

I often select a recipe because I have a lot of one or more ingredients to use up. In this case, I had a lot of carrots and canned pumpkin to use up. I also just finished soaking and roasting a big batch of raw pumpkin seeds. Did you know how important it is to … Continue reading Carrot and Pumpkin Muffins with Pumpkin Flour (grain free)


First Grade Fajita Lunch box: Grain free

I am still waiting for the day that the boys come home from school and tell me how much they enjoyed their vegetables. Or, note the amazing flavor combinations that I so carefully put together. I know that they enjoy eating my hidden vegetables in sauces, smoothies, tuna salad, meatballs or ground beef scrambles. But, … Continue reading First Grade Fajita Lunch box: Grain free

Tricksters, marketing science…Part One!

I was talking to a mom the other day and she said her major barriers to cooking real food were being not knowing what to choose and frustration with the food battling at the table. How fantastic that she was so honest and was able to verbalize that to me. Motherhood is an intensely personal … Continue reading Tricksters, marketing science…Part One!

Real food vacation with two sets of twins!

This was our most successful beach trip yet! Those of you with children know what I am talking about. Some vacations are more work than they are relaxation. Not this one! We had extra help from my amazing in laws, a beautiful place to stay, great food and happy kids. The girls went three days … Continue reading Real food vacation with two sets of twins!

A Mother’s Wishes for Health

Honestly, when Kevin and I made the decision to have children I had no idea the amount of work and energy it takes to be a Mom. I had siblings growing up but I never had the responsibility of taking care of my younger sister.¬†Before I had children, my¬†only experience with childcare was one babysitting … Continue reading A Mother’s Wishes for Health