Lunchtime for kids: Pack in the nutrients

A while back, I wrote the post, EVERY BITE COUNTS: veggie pasta sauce and a sardine sandwich on seed bread with sautéed veggies where I discussed my view of feeding children. I look at everything I give them as an opportunity to build their bodies. The first three years of a child's life are critical as … Continue reading Lunchtime for kids: Pack in the nutrients


Sprouted Lentils with bone broth and veggies: lunchbox

Every once in a while I incorporate beans into our family meal plan/menu. Properly prepared beans have a lot of great health benefits, including fiber. FOLATE AND POTASSIUM IN SPROUTED LENTILS According to, sprouted lentils contain the following health benefits: A 1 cup serving of sprouted lentils contains 77 g of folate, a B … Continue reading Sprouted Lentils with bone broth and veggies: lunchbox

Butternut Squash Lasagna (gluten and dairy free)

I love to find ways to incorporate mineral rich bone broth into our meals. Cameron will drink mugs of broth easily. But, William and the girls are a more difficult sell. Properly made bone broth, has many healing benefits, including gut health, bone, skin and connective tissue nourishment. Chris Kresser does an amazing job detailing … Continue reading Butternut Squash Lasagna (gluten and dairy free)

A Simple Real Food Template

I think one of the most difficult parts of feeding a family is adding variety to a meal plan. I want my kids to appreciate the complex flavors in simple fresh food. I add spices or use different combinations of veggies, but meals follow a very simple template. It is important for your gut bacteria … Continue reading A Simple Real Food Template

How to “boost” a jar of pasta sauce!

This Saturday, the girls and I went shopping...that was fun! Somehow the cart is just wide enough to fit between the racks of clothing. The girls have an amazing reach and cat like reflexes to grab and pull down anything within their grasp! Once we arrived at the checkout, my cart was full unwanted items. … Continue reading How to “boost” a jar of pasta sauce!

Meal planning AND Bone Broth Soup

As you know, I have four children, two sets of twins. The girls are almost 2 1/2 and the boys are 6 1/2. The boys can disassemble a room faster than I can clean it up. It is amazing that immediately after I clean the bathroom, they have an "accident" and completely miss the toilet … Continue reading Meal planning AND Bone Broth Soup

How we use real food: from breakfast to dinner!

  What can you do with real food? Let me tell you... The girls have now turned two and the boys are six! Everyday is an adventure that is filled with funny moments, stressful "events" and memories that I hope never fade. The questions that my six year olds ask are priceless and some conversations … Continue reading How we use real food: from breakfast to dinner!

Real Food Vacation Wrap Up

We are on our way back from an awesome three days in the mountains. What a treat to move, breathe and energize. I was just telling my husband how different it feels to move in the mountains. I felt so strong, free and clear thinking on our hikes and trail runs. The key difference=no stress! … Continue reading Real Food Vacation Wrap Up

Chalkboards: meal planning strategy

My chalkboards are the most essential tool that I use in the kitchen. I have one for dinner and one for lunches. The dinner board serves the whole family and the lunch board is for the kids. In this blog post, I want to share the dinner board for the next two weeks and how … Continue reading Chalkboards: meal planning strategy