Making it work for you!

Don't let perfect get in the way of better!  This is a quote that I have seen used by many. I really like it because it can apply to so many situations. I think it is most fitting when it comes to motherhood. Especially when you are trying to make a lifestyle adjustment for yourself … Continue reading Making it work for you!


First Grade Real Food Lunchbox

I build Cameron and William's school snacks and lunches around a protein and then fill in the sides with fruit, starch and vegetables. There are important considerations... Everything must be kept around the same temperature. You cannot pack a hot thermos of lentils with a cold fruit salad in the same lunchbox. There must be … Continue reading First Grade Real Food Lunchbox

Sprouted Lentils with bone broth and veggies: lunchbox

Every once in a while I incorporate beans into our family meal plan/menu. Properly prepared beans have a lot of great health benefits, including fiber. FOLATE AND POTASSIUM IN SPROUTED LENTILS According to, sprouted lentils contain the following health benefits: A 1 cup serving of sprouted lentils contains 77 g of folate, a B … Continue reading Sprouted Lentils with bone broth and veggies: lunchbox

Being a mom…real food, lots of movement and my journey!

As a mom of two sets of twins...I know there is nothing more stressful than having something wrong with one of my babies. I have been so blessed with four healthy kids and I am truly grateful!! I blogged about my pregnancy with the girls and the new experiences I had with my second twin … Continue reading Being a mom…real food, lots of movement and my journey!

Real Food…Everyday

The girls have now turned two and the boys are six! Everyday is an adventure that is filled with funny moments, stressful "events" and memories that I hope never fade. The questions that my six year olds ask are priceless and some conversations are a comedy that could be produced! William expressed concern to me … Continue reading Real Food…Everyday