Crock Pot Pumpkin Veggie Chili

Pumpkin is a great low cost veggie that, thanks to canning, does not have to be a seasonal treat. Pumpkin is a low in carbs, high in fiber, vitamin A and C. It helps make this chili thick and hearty without making it heavy. Usually, I puree the veggies down in my sauces to ensure … Continue reading Crock Pot Pumpkin Veggie Chili


Three Meat Chili

Perhaps the best kitchen appliance I have ever bought is my Vitamix. You can turn heaps of veggies into soup or sauce and feed it happily to unsuspecting family members. YAY! I used a veggie combo that was growing in my garden to create the sauce for this chili. Often we hear that we need … Continue reading Three Meat Chili

Organ meat lasagna with veggie sauce

One of the most challenging things about about returning home from travel is coming home to an empty refrigerator and wondering what to make for dinner. I try never to let that happen. We are going to the beach in the next couple weeks so I built some time into my meal prep schedule to … Continue reading Organ meat lasagna with veggie sauce

How to “boost” a jar of pasta sauce!

This Saturday, the girls and I went shopping...that was fun! Somehow the cart is just wide enough to fit between the racks of clothing. The girls have an amazing reach and cat like reflexes to grab and pull down anything within their grasp! Once we arrived at the checkout, my cart was full unwanted items. … Continue reading How to “boost” a jar of pasta sauce!

Bone marrow organ meat burgers and fries!

Lunchtime can be a tricky time of day. Especially on the weekend when the weather is nice and it is so much more alluring to stay outside and play. Every Mom out there knows that without lunch there is constant snacking which will spoil any hope of dinner and result in an inevitable melt down. … Continue reading Bone marrow organ meat burgers and fries!

BEEF, Three ways!

August 25, 2014 Today was a work day for me. So tonight's dinner preparation started two days ago. I defrosted and marinated about a pound of each: beef liver, chip steak and round steak. My marinade is simple: extra virgin olive oil, a splash of fish sauce and coconut aminos, one naval orange sliced and … Continue reading BEEF, Three ways!