Real food vacation with two sets of twins!

This was our most successful beach trip yet! Those of you with children know what I am talking about. Some vacations are more work than they are relaxation. Not this one! We had extra help from my amazing in laws, a beautiful place to stay, great food and happy kids. The girls went three days … Continue reading Real food vacation with two sets of twins!


A real food beach vacation

Packing real food for the car requires strategic planning! It must be something that is fresh but does not crumble easily. Any packaging should be easily opened by the child and not require parent intervention. The vessel holding the food must be sturdy enough to hold multiple items. The chosen food must be substantial enough … Continue reading A real food beach vacation

Winter Vacation: what are we eating

This week we took a short overnight trip to Asheville to see the Biltmore House. It was fantastic! What a fun journey. The girls had a great time watching all of the cars and trucks on the highway. They practiced making the sounds along the way. The boys slept most of the way there which … Continue reading Winter Vacation: what are we eating

Real Food Vacation Wrap Up

We are on our way back from an awesome three days in the mountains. What a treat to move, breathe and energize. I was just telling my husband how different it feels to move in the mountains. I felt so strong, free and clear thinking on our hikes and trail runs. The key difference=no stress! … Continue reading Real Food Vacation Wrap Up

Family trip to the mountains: what are we eating?

We are on our way…TO THE MOUNTAINS!!! Somehow we managed to fit everything in the van. Here is the final food list: Mustard, Katchup, Probiotic pickles and carrot sticks Home brewed kombucha 2 bottles of coconut water Raw milk cottage cheese, colby, cheddar and yogurt Homemade cashew/pecan butter Raw honey, maple syrup Grass Fed butter, … Continue reading Family trip to the mountains: what are we eating?